Admission Process

Step 1: Checking for eligibility

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Medically certified to have intellectual disability.
  • Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents.
  • Aged between 16 and 55.
  • Not suffering from unstable medical condition such as psychotic disorder, severe fits and/or unmanageable challenging behavior.

Step 2: Fill up and send in application form

The application form for the Bishan Home Residential Services may be downloaded from here

The application form for the Bishan Home Day Activity Centre may be downloaded from here

or a copy may be requested by calling Bishan Home at 6353 3515. All required information must be duly completed and submitted together with the necessary documents.

Step 3: Initial Interview

Upon receipt of the application form, our Social Worker will arrange for an initial interview. The person with disability has to be accompanied by a caregiver during the interview which will last approximately an hour.

Documents to bring include:

For Medical Assessment:
Medical certificates/ reports, doctor’s notes, medical appointment cards of application as well as medication (if any). This will help us ascertain the medical needs of the applicant should he be admitted.

For Fee Assessment:
Pay slips / proof of income of parents, children, as well as siblings who stay in the same household.

Any other documentary proof of the following:

  • any family member requiring long term medical care.
  • any circumstances that would strain family finances.

This will help us determine the fees to be charged and advise whether financial assistance can be sought.

Step 4: House Visit

A home visit will be conducted to assess suitability of the applicant for admission. The applicant should be present during the home visit.

Step 5: Pre-Admission Medical Screening

The applicant’s family will be notified by phone if the application based on the pre- admission assessment is successful .They will also be informed of the fees to be charged. The applicant will then be required to undergo a medical screening to obtain an endorsement by a medical practitioner certifying that he/she does not have any major illness/health problem and is fit for community living.

Step 6: Trial Admission

Successful applicants who pass the interview and medical examination will then undergo a trial admission period of three months. On the first day of the trial admission period, a deposit equivalent to 2 months’ fees and 1 month’s trial admission fee will have to be paid to the Home. The trial admission period may be extended when deemed necessary by Bishan Home management committee. The applicant will be confirmed for admission if he or she passes the trial period.