Singapore Customs volunteers interaction (24 Sep 2019)

We were grateful to have volunteers from Singapore Customs for visiting us on 24 September and helping out with cleaning of our kitchen, dining area and hydroponics planting area. A BIG thank you for all of your help in keeping our Home clean!

After a short break, it was time for sushi making!! There were a few varieties of fillings to choose from such as crabsticks, tuna, tamago and some vegetables. It was the first experience for most of our volunteers and our residents. Spreading the rice on the seaweed and rolling the sushi together is not an easy feat as the fillings may fall all over the place. However after a few tries and with the help of sushi making tutorial by one of the volunteers, they managed to roll out appetizing sushi!

Thank you Singapore Customs for bringing so much joy to our residents, including their tummies!! Please view the rest of the photos on facebook by clicking here.

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